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1Zpresso K Max Manual Coffee Grinder with FREE Cylinder Case - Silver

1Zpresso K Max Manual Coffee Grinder is a combination of the K-Pro and K-Plus grinder with a slimmer magnetic catch cup.  It can grind fines for espresso and coarse for french press and everything in between.  It uses a 48MM SPECIALIZED heptagonal "K BURR" that is ideal for a variety of brewing methods. It promises excellence and consistency of performance, which make a clean and bright tasting that is difficult to achieve with other grinders.


Adjusting the grinder is so convenient with the EXTERNAL ADJUSTMENT RING that boasts over 90 clicks @ 22microns / click on the numerical dial allowing you to have 100% precision control over fine or coarse grinding. 


QUICK-RELEASE MAGNETIC CATCH CUP makes it easier to remove the catch cup by simply twisting the catch cup. 


What is the difference between K-MAX VS K-PLUS

1. Both K-MAX & K-PLUS grinder and burr are the same.

2. K-MAX comes with cylinder case while K-Plus comes with a travel case.

3. K-MAX doesn't come with a blind shaker. K-PLUS comes with a blind shaker. 

(Blind Shaker is a coffee redistribution tool used to easily load your finely ground coffee to your espresso portafilter without making any mess)


Brewing Method: Espresso, Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press etc...


Capacity: 35-40g


Grinder Dimension: 19cm x 6cm x 19.5 cm


What's in the box:

1 x K Max Manual Grinder


1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Cleaning Blower

1 x Anti Slip Rubber  

1Zpresso K Max Manual Coffee Grinder with FREE Cylinder Case - Silver

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