1Zpresso K Plus Manual Coffee Grinder w/ FREE Travel Case & Blind Shaker - Brown

1Zpresso K Plus Manual Coffee Grinder is the only coffee grinder you'll ever need.  It has everything you need! It can grind fines for espresso and coarse for french press and everything in between.  It uses a 48MM SPECIALIZED heptagonal "K BURR" that is ideal for a variety of brewing methods. It promises excellence and consistency of performance, which make a clean and bright tasting that is difficult to achieve with other grinders.


Adjusting the grinder is so convenient with the EXTERNAL ADJUSTMENT RING that boasts over 90 clicks @ 22microns / click on the numerical dial allowing you to have 100% precision control over fine or coarse grinding. 


QUICK-RELEASE MAGNETIC CATCH CUP makes it easier to remove the catch cup by simply twisting the catch cup. 


Brewing Method: Espresso, Pour Over, Aeropress, French Press etc...


What is the difference between K-MAX VS K-PLUS

1. Both K-MAX & K-PLUS grinder and burr are the same.

2. K-MAX comes with cylinder case while K-Plus comes with a travel case.

3. K-MAX doesn't come with a blind shaker. K-PLUS comes with a blind shaker. 

(Blind Shaker is a coffee redistribution tool used to easily load your finely ground coffee to your espresso portafilter without making any mess)


Capacity: 35-40g


Grinder Dimension:

Height - 19 cm

Diameter - 6 cm


What's in the box:

1 x K Plus Manual Grinder

1x Blind Shaker (opens up at the bottom to release coffee grounds into the portafilter).


1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Cleaning Blower

1 x Anti Slip Rubber  

1Zpresso K Plus Manual Coffee Grinder w/ FREE Travel Case & Blind Shaker - Brown

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