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Bialetti Electric Moka Timer

Bialetti Electric Moka Timer is for everyone who loves to wake up to that unmistakable fresh coffee aroma. It comes with PROGRAMMABLE TIMER FEATURE that allows you to set the time for the coffee to be made and a pleasant multitoned signal alerts you when your coffee is ready. A useful function keeps the coffee hot for 30 minutes.  It also uses the exclusive Bialetti patented safety valve that is easy to clean.


How to prepare the coffee:

1. Start by pouring the water at room temperature into the Moka boiler and filling it up to the level of the safety valve. To avoid making your coffee too watery, do not fill it over this level.

2. Now choose your preferred ground coffee blend. Caution! The blend must be specifically ground for a Moka pot and not excessively fine. Generously fill the Moka pot’s funnel, without pressing down the coffee.

3. A little secret? Set the heat to low and take all the time necessary; it is worth waiting a few minutes longer so that you can enjoy an excellent coffee. When the coffee has completely risen into the collection chamber, turn off the heat.

4. Now for the crucial moment: tasting. To fully enjoy the aromas released, we advise you to drink the coffee as soon as it is poured into the cup.


Which size should I choose?

Bialetti Moka Timer sizes are measured in Espresso Cups, coffee can be enjoyed in Espresso Cups or in larger containers

3 cups – Capacity: 145 ml

6 cups – Capacity: 270 ml


Cleaning instructions:

The Bialetti Moka Timer must only be rinsed with clean water after use, with no detergents, the product is not to be washed with a dishwasher as it will be irremediably damaged and the taste of coffee altered.

Bialetti Electric Moka Timer

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