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Bialetti x Dolce & Gabbana Moka Express Special Edition Moka Pot

Two Made in Italy icons together, to celebrate the ritual of Italian coffee.


Two great symbols of Made in Italy style and design unite, to produce a unique and exclusive product: Moka Express Bialetti Dolce & Gabbana. The iconic Moka Express, which transformed the art of making coffee into an Italian tradition consisting of aromas and congeniality, is enhanced by the decorative splendor of the Sicilian cart. In fact, Sicily, with its unique views, flavors and colors, has been a source of inspiration for Dolce&Gabbana from the very beginning.


Folklore elements of the island, such as the Sicilian horse-drawn cart, have always been at the core of Dolce&Gabbana’s esthetic style and artistic production, as they skillfully transferred these decorative motifs into their clothing, accessories and now the original Moka Express Bialetti. And just as each Dolce&Gabbana outfit hides the secrets of an artisan craft in which expert hands create uniqueness, so too does each Moka Express Bialetti carry its own story of quality, tradition, innovation and, above all, passion.


Bialetti x Dolce&Gabbana Ground Coffee – Perfetto Moka Irresistibile 200g

For a true Made in Italy coffee experience, choose the combination of Moka Express Sicilian Cart and Perfetto Moka Irresistibile, the new and exclusive blend of ground coffee for Moka born from the collaborative project between Bialetti and Dolce&Gabbana. Perfetto Moka Irresistibile comes from the Bialetti coffee roasting company, thanks to the fusion of the skillful art of their roasting masters and the creative inspiration of Dolce&Gabbana. It is a coffee with a round body and delicate taste, with floral and fruity notes that blend with the unmistakable flavors of hazelnut and cocoa.


Perfetto Moka Irresistibile is a tribute to the Italian coffee tradition, its rituals and the act of sharing that it represents across the world. The package, with the creativity of Dolce&Gabbana inspired by the characteristic motifs of the Sicilian cart, consists of a soft bag equipped with an aroma-saving valve and an exclusive collector’s tin can. A design that celebrates the Italian craftsmanship tradition, for a product that is irresistible to eyes as well as taste buds.


The fine quality blend of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta makes Perfetto Moka Irresistibile a coffee with a rounded, delicate taste, in which the broad bouquet of floral and fruity notes mingles with the mouth-watering ones of hazelnut and cocoa, in a sophisticated fusion of flavours typical of Italian tradition.
Housed in an exclusive tin, embellished by Dolce&Gabbana’s creativity inspired by the motifs of the Sicilian Cart, Perfetto Moka Irresistibile is a coffee that wins over the eye as well as the palate.


How to prepare the coffee:

1. Start by pouring the water at room temperature into the Moka boiler and filling it up to the level of the safety valve. To avoid making your coffee too watery, do not fill it over this level.

2. Now choose your preferred ground coffee blend. Caution! The blend must be specifically ground for a Moka pot and not excessively fine. Generously fill the Moka pot’s funnel, without pressing down the coffee.

3. A little secret? Set the heat to low and take all the time necessary; it is worth waiting a few minutes longer so that you can enjoy an excellent coffee. When the coffee has completely risen into the collection chamber, turn off the heat.

4. Now for the crucial moment: tasting. To fully enjoy the aromas released, we advise you to drink the coffee as soon as it is poured into the cup.


Which size should I choose?

Moka Express sizes are measured in Espresso Cups, coffee can be enjoyed in Espresso Cups or in larger containers

3 cups – Boiler base diameter: 72 mm | Height: 155 mm | Capacity: 130 ml

6 cups – Boiler base diameter: 95 mm | Height: 205 mm | Capacity: 270 ml


Cleaning instructions:

The Bialetti Moka Express must only be rinsed with clean water after use, with no detergents, the product is not to be washed with a dishwasher as it will be irremediably damaged and the taste of coffee altered.



Body material: Aluminium

Handle material: Thermoplastic

Knob material: Thermoplastic

Easy-clean safety valve

Not suitable for use on induction cooker

Not dishwasher safe

Bialetti x Dolce & Gabbana Moka Express Special Edition Moka Pot

PriceFrom ₱6,500.00
  • Before you order please be 100% sure because we do not have a cancellation or a refund policy. Paid orders will automatically be delivered. Unpaid orders will be disregarded after 3 working days.

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