Butane Burner with Cooking Stand Set

The Butane Burner Stand is a great accessory to your butane burner. It instantly turns your butane burner into a portable gas stove perfect for camping, cooking, heating water etc... This is a must have if you want to enjoy your own personal hot pot or cheese fondue at home.


NOTE: Set includes 1 Butane Burner & 1 Cooking Stand. It doesn't include the cooking pot or pan as shown in the picture. The cooking pot in the picture is merely an illustration to better understand the product.

Butane Burner Product Features:
Electronic instant ignition system
Built-in safety pressure release valve
Adjustable flame
Refillable 30 - 35 gms butane fuel tank.
Max. Temperature attainable : 1,300°C
Working Time : about 60 minutes.

Butane Burner with Cooking Stand Set

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