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Hario Coffee Grinder Skerton Pro

The Skerton PRO manual grinder has an anti-slip silicon grip in order to ensures a stable grind.  The top transparent lid prevents the beans from scattering. The Skerton PRO also has improved grind adjustment which lets you to select fine/coarse settings to get the all-important consistent grinding results. It also has improved sturdiness due to a heavy duty grind shaft and easy to detach stainless steel handle for smoother grinding experience.


Just like all Hario hand grinders Skerton PRO comes with inner ceramic burr that’s preferred by baristas and coffee professionals. It can be easily detached and washed making the maintenance process easier. Additionally, the grinder has glass bowl hopper with 100g capacity to store coffee grounds when you need to brew multiple times throughout the day.

Capacity: 100 grams

What's in the box :

1 x Easy to Detach Stainless Steel Handle

1x Anti-Slip Rubber Grip

1x Fully Washable Glass Bowl Hopper 
1 x Plastic Screw Type Cover

Hario Coffee Grinder Skerton Pro

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