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Rekrow Kitchen Chef Micro Torch Butane Burner

Be a professional chef by creating your own caramelized recipes anywhere! The RK2070 Kitchen Chef Micro Torch is an awesome tool for kitchen use. It is ideal for caramelizing sugar, roasting, melting etc... It is easy to operate and it comes with a child resistant ignition button for safety.


It is easily refillable using butane canisters which are easily available in any hardware stores and supermarkets. Some applications for this micro torch include:

1. Creme Brulee

2. Caramelizing Hams & other meats

3. Cooking

4. Hobbies & other DIY



Heavy Duty Refillable Metal Butane Tank

Anti Flaring

Excellent Heat Balance Design

Instant Ignition System

Adjustable flame settings bigger & wider

Ergonomic Design (operates any angle)

Minimum 35 minutes use on large flame setting and 70 minutes on smalle flame setting.

Meets US CPSC-Child Resistant Standard

With CE mark, certified by EU Lab

Rekrow Kitchen Chef Micro Torch Butane Burner

SKU: RK2070
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