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Love Cofé Creamer 10mL x 50pcs

Love Cofé Creamer, in Mandarin Lian (戀) is a transfat free and low carb creamer made in Taiwan.  Like most Japanese products, Love Cofé Creamer has a short 6 month shelf life because it has NO PRESERVATIVES.  Love Cofé Creamer is the #1 brand of coffee creamer in Taiwan and can be found in many hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and it is widely available in all supermarkets. 


It goes through ultra-high temperature sterilization, complemented with sterilized filling and packaging.  Love Cofé Creamer does not use hydrogenated vegetable oil, and no trans fats are found through SGS testing.

Its classic, rich flavor goes best with dark roast coffee, turning bitter into sweet. It also matches well with black tea, oolong tea, and several desserts and sweets. 

Each 10ml creamer has only 26kcal, or 1.3% of the recommended daily intake, so you can enjoy its delicious taste guiltlessly!

What's in the box :
10mL x 50pcs each pack

Love Cofé Creamer 10mL x 50pcs

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