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Loveramics EGG 200ML CAFE LATTE ART CUP & SAUCER (Nature Inspired Colors)

Coffee cups are an important component in preparing great coffee.  You know you're having a quality cup of coffee when you hold a Loveramics Egg Cafe Latte Coffee Cup on your hands! Loveramics Coffee Cups elevates your overall coffee sensory experience. Afterall we eat and drink with our eyes first!   



Inspired by 5 natural habitats during our travels, we decide to dedicate the new 5 colours to natural habitats. Feature 5 new glazes in earthy, neutral tone, they would compliment interior trends of 2023 with ease. The 5 new colours are made in the same, uber durable Loveramics body. Featuring a natural colour tone in matte, the runny nature of the colours make every piece unique. They are all microwave, dishwasher, freezer and oven safe. 5 new potters colours in matte reactive glaze provides a different look to our existing range. They are also sought after colours for the latest interior design trends.     



  • Manufactured under SCA standards
  • Thickest possible wall keeps coffee at right temperature
  • Round base allows full flavour to be developed
  • Very dense body (<0.5% absorption rate); commercial grade high fired porcelain at 1300c
  • Wide range of capacities; many colours available
  • Its egg shape gives you a simple and warm feeling



Cup: Length 11.5cm ; Diameter 9.5cm ; Height 5.5cm  Capacity 200ml
Saucer: Diameter 14.5cm ; Height 2.5cm


MATERIALS: Porcelain


Loveramics EGG 200ML CAFE LATTE ART CUP & SAUCER (Nature Inspired Colors)

  • Before you order please be 100% sure because we do not have a cancellation or a refund policy. Paid orders will automatically be delivered. Unpaid orders will be disregarded after 3 working days.

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