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Wacaco NANOPRESSO+NS ADAPTOR Nespresso Capsule Adapter Portable Espresso Machine

NANOPRESSO + NS ADAPTER is a bundle set that comes with the Nanopresso and the NS Adapter. *NS CAPSULES refers to Nespresso®** Original capsules and compatibles. Note that some non Original capsules might not work well with our machines.


Nanopresso is one of the best and most versatile espresso machines. A truly unique addition to your coffee toolkit! Built around a newly patented pumping system, the Nanopresso is capable of reaching, with the help of your hands, a maximum of 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure for unparalleled coffee extractions qualities. The Nanopresso works best with finely ground coffee that is tamped hard. It is delightfully easy to operate, simple to use and clean.


The NS Adaptor allows the Nanopresso to use NS CAPSULES* to prepare espresso. The advantage of using capsules is that the coffee is mechanically ground, measured, and tamped with a higher precision than we are capable of doing by hand.  There is very little left for error, so your espresso is consistent every single time. Pods are convenient, mess free and easier to clean after use.


See video link how to use this product:

** Third-party brand with no link to Wacaco Company Limited





Dimensions156x71x62 mm6.14x2.8x2.44 in
Weight336 g0.74 lb
Water capacity80 ml2.70 fl oz
Ground capacity8 g0.28 oz
Max. pressure18 bar261 psi
Package includesNanopresso,
built-in espresso cup, filter basket,
scoop, brush, multi-languages
instruction book, warranty card and
two stickers.



Dimensions66x62x62 mm2.60x2.44x2.44 in
Weight130 g0.29 lbs
RemarkNS Adapter can only be used
on Nanopresso.
Package includesNS Adapter, carrying pouch and
multi-languages instruction book.

Wacaco NANOPRESSO+NS ADAPTOR Nespresso Capsule Adapter Portable Espresso Machine

  • Before you order please be 100% sure because we do not have a cancellation or a refund policy. Paid orders will automatically be delivered. Unpaid orders will be disregarded after 3 working days.

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